Who hasn’t dreamt of trading in their weekday grind for a more fulfilling kind of hustle? In our series Greener Pastures, we’re featuring those second-lifers who’ve made the leap off the corporate ladder into totally different and inspiring paths. Think our favorite entrepreneurs, nutritionists, wellness gurus, designers, shop owners and hometown heroes – from East to West – who’ve answered their second calling in favor of a different kind of work-life balance. We’re following their paths to bring their insights and tips to you, so that maybe one day you’ll be inspired to make your own grass a little greener, wherever your journey takes you.

Claudia Mata’s Green Road

When it came to our series debut, it seemed only natural to start with Vertly’s very own co-founder, Claudia Mata, who made the leap from fashion editor in New York City to entrepreneur in California.

In Bloom with
Grace Fuller Marroquin

After years spent as a jewelry editor at Vogue + W Magazine, Grace turned her childhood love of gardening into a full-blown career.

Your Daily Greens with
Claire Distenfeld Olshan

Meet Claire, a former fashion entrepreneur who has transformed the act of healthy snacking into a decadent experience with Dada Daily.

A Dose of Sparkle with
Maria Dueñas Jacobs

With the children’s jewelry line Super Smalls, Maria Duenas Jacobs created an experience for kids typically reserved for adults—that magical moment when you open a small box to find a gorgeous piece of jewelry inside.

A woman in black and white outfit doing yoga.

Finding Balance with
Danielle Snyder

For over a decade, the world has known her as one half of the sister duo behind the cult-favorite fashion brand DANNIJO. And while choosing a particular career path can be life-defining, Danielle Snyder is proving you don’t have to choose at all.

Taking the Leap with
Lauren Godfrey

Lauren is motivated by a guiding principle to add value wherever she is and to contribute to the world in a way that’s special and unique. For her third career pivot, she launched the fine jewelry line Harwell Godfrey and began charting a new course doing exactly that.

A woman wearing red heart shaped sunglasses.
A woman sitting in a chair with her legs crossed.

he Path to Self Discovery with
Anoushka Mirchandani

As someone who had spent much time trying to fit into society’s idea of what she should be doing as an Indian woman, Anoushka’s transition from tech to art shows us there is no greater victory than starting down a path toward your true self.

Giving Back With
Elsa Collins

Elsa’s life trajectory is all the proof you need that the path doesn’t always have to be straight in order for it to lead somewhere truly fulfilling.

A woman in white shirt standing next to water.